Drivers Start Your Engines!

Posted on April 15 2018

Brand Hatch. The rain fell from the sky and the Porsche Carrera GTs edged out from the drivers paddock, under the bridge and joined the Indy Circuit.
They held nothing back, Greg Caton from G-Cat Racing came second in the Pro Am race at 10am. His Porsche looked slick and dangerous as it effortlessly powered round the circuit. The Delicious California logo's were a real knockout!

We know the Delicious California logo's cool, but it really complimented the beautiful styling of the Porsche GT. Black on white a knockout combination, simple but strong in design. Very similar to our designs on our clothing.

I will leave these pictures with you, let you make up your mind.
Donington Park next 28 - 29th April

Delicious California - Never A Dull Moment!

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