Junction 13 interview with Trevor Twohig

Posted on March 20 2018

Well the end of 2017 was a bit hectic to say the least!
Delicious California had a pop-up shop in the Creative Quarter Folkestone
We absolutely loved it and it appeared the lovely people of Folkestone did too.

Apart from selling our beautiful products, we met some really, really interesting people. People that are adding to the Creative Buzzing Vibe in Folkestone, people like Trevor Twohig. Who incidentally has a book being published called 'Sunny Sands'. It's a murder mystery set in Folkestone... I will say no more, but check it out here on his website: - Sunny Sands Book by Trevor Twohig

Anyway. Trevor invested some of his hard earned cash in our gear and we stayed in contact. Recently he approached Delicious California and asked could he interview us for Junction 13?
Junction 13 is the premier site for what's on in Folkestone.
 - What's happening in the town!
 - All you need to know about Folkestone, Kent.

Junction 13 Website

We think it's a clever idea by Trevor to set up Junction 13, seeing as there is so much stuff going on in Folkestone, it's so easy to miss a great gig, exhibition or eatery opening. Needless to say we were delighted to get involved and shout a little about Delicious California, what we believe in as a company and stand for. After all so many people who visited the pop-up shop were intrigued to listen and hear more about the sun drenched Californian Clothing Co right here in Sunny Folkestone.

Trevor did a really relaxed but in depth fun interview and vlog, we were so pleased we did it! So, please take 5 mins and have a look at Junction 13, I know Trevor is very busy approaching all kinds of creative people, restaurateurs, shops and venues. So you could be the next feature and you never know Trevor might just be Folkestone's next No 1 Best Selling Author.

Cheers Trevor at Junction 13!
Ewen & Susanna
Delicious California - Never A Dull Moment!

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