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In the modern world, clothing should be ethical. It’s possible to produce incredible-quality clothing that is stylish, original, and kind to the environment and animals - and at Delicious California, achieving this aim has always been a core focus for us.

At Delicious California, we combine our love for incredible style with an ethical lifestyle. We are a committed organic, vegan clothing brand who take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. If you have been seeking a range of fantastic vegan clothes from a brand with a heart, then look no further than Delicious California.


About our Vegan clothing

We have sought to create a line of products that are perfectly compatible with the fundamentals of California style. Our range has expanded hugely over the near-decade we have been in operation, and now includes:

However, unlike major chain brands, we have sought to produce this range of vegan fashion and accessories from a sustainable standpoint. For example, we are proud to be able to offer:

  • Products that are made from 100% recycled materials. Our latest sweatshirts and hoodies are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.
  • Products made with natural, sustainably-grown bamboo, such as our men’s “Love Slow” t-shirt.
  • Products that use alternatives to ocean-polluting plastic, such as our aluminium water bottles.
  • Products that are suitable for vegans; all of our clothing is vegan-friendly, including our wrapped cord bracelets and wristbands.

In addition, all of our new t-shirts display the Fair Ware Foundation label, as well as the the Earth Positive® stamp. This stamp signifies our commitment to core ethical practices, and confirms that our products are 100% organic, as well as being manufactured in a sustainable way, with as low a carbon footprint as possible.

As well as achieving these high ecological standards, we think we’ve achieved our aim of clothes that look fantastic too. Founded by artist Ewen Macaulay, our brand has sought to create clothing with a unique, dynamic look that you just won’t find anywhere else. Expect to find a range of clothing options that include design elements such as graphic art, hot-rod graphics, board art and culture, pinup art, and plenty more besides.

We’re not just another fashion brand

… and we definitely see that as a positive. We sought to create a line of clothing that fused the inimitable California surf fashion style with a dedication to sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and production techniques. We think we succeeded, and have proved that vegan fashion can look great, feel great, and allow you to express yourself - all while adhering to the highest ecological standards.

Ready to buy?

We sell our entire range right here on the website, but have also been fortunate enough to open our first ever retail store in Folkestone’s Creative Corner. This means you can either buy from the comfort of your own home via the site, or pay us a visit at our retail branch - either way, you can be sure of an incredible range of vegan fashion options that are stylish, comfortable, and guaranteed to let you stand out from the crowd!


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