Posted on June 27 2018

Writing this blog post is a very sweet moment... it's been a long and winding road to this point with Delicious California.
Back in 2009 I had no idea when I first created the name that it would travel so far with me and delight and interest so many people and form the backbone to the clothing brand, which might just have some real longevity.

On this road none of this would have been possible without the help of friends and family and my wife Susanna, who has formed the linchpin that connects so many pieces of the puzzle. Obviously the designs, choices of products, like organic cotton, recycled clothing has played a pivotal part in developing the brand, following and ethos.

The opening of the shop was not worrying at all, it seemed right and was indeed the right thing to do, it's fair to say, WE ARE STOKED!
The fact that we are part of the Creative Foundation in Folkestone is very important too. Especially being a Folkestone lad, born and bred.

We have so many plans, new designs and new products we're working on, so please keep in touch, call in to see us, or follow us online!

A massive thank you to everyone who's helped, we really appreciate it and here's to the next chapter of Delicious California!

Thanks again.
Ewen X.

Never A Dull Moment Folks!

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