It sure was BREEZY at the Brighton Breeze!

Posted on October 09 2017

Hello Folks!

Well it's official... it was breezy at this years Brighton's Breeze!
But that didn't stop Delicious California and all those lovely VW owners and visitors on sunny Madeira Drive, Brighton. Some utterly amazing looking Volkswagen vans and cars to see, gleaming paintwork and custom finishing, so cool.

We will definitely be back next year and going to other VW events.

Our clothing and designs were well received. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and loved our gear. All our new designs, were looking great and the 100% recycled hoodies and sweatshirts (From cloth and plastic bottles) proved to be a great success.

Our next do (at the moment) we are having a pop-up shop in December in the Creative Quarter, Folkestone for 2 weeks, so a great opportunity to get those Christmas presents, or just selfishly buy for yourself.


Delicious California at the Brighton Breeze 2017

Delicious California at the Brighton Breeze

Delicious California at the Brighton Breeze




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